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March 14, 2014 : More stem cell 'discovery' doubts
from BBC News | Science/Nature
A Japanese investigation into a supposedly groundbreaking stem cell study has discovered "inappropriate handling" of the data. ...

March 12, 2014 : 60 Seconds
from New Scientist Magazine
A comet returns, where is PlanetX?, reversing diabetes and more



February 28, 2014 : Korean Scientist’s New Project: Rebuild After Cloning Disgrace
from New York Times International Feed
Nearly a decade after his downfall for faking research, the South Korean scientist Hwang Woo-suk has won patents for his work in an attempt to resume studying human stem cells. ...

February 18, 2014 : Acid-bath stem cell results called into question
from New Scientist Magazine
Research claiming to have turned adult cells into the most versatile stem cells is now under investigation



February 5, 2014 : Extraordinary stem cell method tested in human tissue
from New Scientist Magazine
First mouse cells were turned into "totipotent" stem cells, and now early work suggests the same might have been achieved with human cells



January 31, 2014 : UC Irvine researchers receive $1.54M for stem cell research
Two UC Irvine research teams will receive $1.54 million to further studies on the fundamental structure and function of stem cells. Their work will aid efforts to treat and cure a range of ailments, from cancer to neurological diseases and injuries. ...

January 30, 2014 : Stem cell timeline: The history of a medical sensation
from New Scientist Magazine
From Dolly the sheep to fraudulent clones and yesterday's revolutionary breakthrough, stem cells have brought sensational science and scandal



January 30, 2014 : VIDEO: 'How I made stem cell breakthrough'
from BBC News | Science/Nature
Japanese researcher Dr Haruko Obokata has been facing the world's media after her stem cell studies were heralded as a "major scientific discovery." ...

January 30, 2014 : Why I'm sure human stem cell trial will be safe
from New Scientist Magazine
Masayo Takahashi is planning to be first to put reprogrammed adult cells in people – another milestone in stem cell history



January 29, 2014 : A Little Acid Turns Mouse Blood Into Brain, Heart And Stem Cells
from NPR Research News
Japanese scientists say they've figured out a fast, easy way to make the most powerful cells in the world: embryonic stem cells. The magic ingredient? Something akin to lemon juice. So far it's unknown whether the method would work with human cells or could be used for medical treatments. ...


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