tissue culture medium

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GEM: Gamete-Embryo Medium

GEM is formulated to support optimal fetal development of embryos conceived in vitro.

GEM is quality controlled by mouse IVF.

GEM is formulated to support
sperm-fertilizing ability.

GEM is protein-free

The composition of GEM is based on the results of experiments designed to determine the most supportive in vitro conditions for assisted reproduction and embryo manipulation.

References: Loutradis, Biol of Repro, 1987, 37:322; Han, Fertil and Steril, 1988, 50:159; Fissore, Biol of Repro, 1989, 41:835; Mehta, Biol of Repro, 1990; 43:600; Mehta, Fertil and Steril, 1993, 60:1088.

tissue culture medium

Mouse Blastocysts in GEM

GEM is available in 30 ml and 60 ml bottles. It is prepared, filter sterilized, bottled and individually wrapped in a sterile environment.

  • GEM is manufactured in small lots to insure the highest product quality and stability.
  • GEM is not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for use in humans.
  • Discounts available for standing orders.

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