Finding innovation by sharing across disciplines.

Stem Cells Customized at the Genetic Level

Stem cells that could be engineered for specific regenerative medicine treatments, such as creating bone marrow that is resistant to HIV.


Pluripotent Stem Cells

We are developing parthenote stem cells from unfertilized human eggs. These would be the only stem cells with the potential for being customized for any patient and therefore avoid tissue rejection problems common in all other types.


Innovations in Stem Cell Growth and Culture

We have developed the first circadian incubator for stem cells as well as specialized culture medium with over 40 years of research findings behind it. We are also contributing to the growing genomic analysis of the human embryo.


Prostate Research

Using our findings in basic reproductive biology and semen analysis, we are developing specialized screening tests for prostate cancer and prostatitis.


For Couples Living with Infectious Disease

We have developed the only program in the country to use highly sensitive virus assays to help with safe conception. This program is proof-of-concept that an independent research institute can bring new therapies from "bench to bedside" faster than many federally funded programs.


Educational Events & Media

We host two semi-annual events for researchers. The Spinal Cord Workshop and Activated Egg Symposium.