Support Stem Cell Research Through Group Donations

The Bedford Research Foundation would like to thank the members of the Purple Team Congress at Pennichuck Middle School in Nashua, New Hampshire for their inspired fundraising campaign and generosity to the Bedford Research Foundation’s mission.

Shown below (Left to Right):
Bryanna Stocking, Semra Ozberak, Joseph St. Laurent

These three members of the Purple Team Congress decided what cause the money they raised would go towards. They chose to give to the Foundation “because we know it [Stem Cell Research] could save many lives. Several people in our school have been affected by diseases that could be helped with further stem cell research.”

Click here to read the donation letter from the Purple CongressClick here to read Dr. Kiessling’s Response.
The entire Purple Team Congress was involved in the fundraising bake sale event and raised $175 for the Bedford Research Foundation’s research Programs. That is enough to cover a full day of reagents and supplies for the Foundation’s staff to run experiments, and helps to fund further potential breakthroughs as we lead the way in this ever evolving area of science.

1st Row– Left to Right : Bryanna Stocking, Semra Ozberak, Joseph St. Laurent
2nd Row – Left to Right: Alex Francione, Paige Greenleaf, Caitlin McLellan, Joendy Pacheco, Jeremy Fogg, Stephanie Molina, Alli Henderson, Emily Therriault
3rd Row – Left to Right: Autumn St. Laurent, Colleen Demmons, Vanessa Gil, Jackie Barnes, Travis Ferreira, Sylvia Lund, Tom Russo, Lauren Bergeron, Breanna Mochina