The Bedford Research Foundation offers several unique products and services to support researchers and help bridge the gap between research and practice.


Culture Medium – GEMtissue culture medium (Gamete-Embryo Medium) is formulated to support optimal fetal development of embryos conceived in vitro. GEM is quality controlled by mouse IVF. GEM is formulated to support sperm-fertilizing ability, and GEM is protein-free.

Embryo Cryopreservation Kit – Bedford Research Foundation scientists have years of experience with emrbyo cryopreservation for research. They are currently working on an easy to use kit. Call for more information, or check back for updates.

PVSA (Post Vasectomy Semen Analysis) Kit – The Gold Standard mail-in test kit for post-vasectomy. The PVSA Kit is the first and only Post-Vasectomy test kit that provides CLIA certified laboratory results from a mail-in kit. The kit uses a patented preservative that allows the patient to complete it at home and drop it into any standard US Mail box.


Special Program of Assisted Reproduction – SPAR takes advantage of ART procedures to assist couples achieve a pregnancy who would otherwise risk transmitting the father’s infection to the mother and the child through intercourse. The procedures decrease, and may possibly eliminate, the risk of transmission of these infections to the mother or the baby. No mother or baby has contracted an infection in the SPAR program. (Learn More)

Semen Testing & Cryopreservation – Bedford Research Foundation’s clinical test laboratory specializes in home test kits for male factor infertility. Our Semen Transport Kits and Semen Analyses can help you diagnose and treat male factor infertility. Our kits will help you if you: (a) suspect that you may have male factor infertility, we can help you and your doctor diagnose it. (b) have already been diagnosed with male factor infertility and would like to monitor your sperm count, motility, morphology, or bacterial infection. (c) would like to cryopreserve specimens for future use in IVF. (d) have recently had a vasectomy and would like to ensure that it was effective. (Learn More)