Ann A. Kiessling, PhD, is director of the Bedford Research Foundation and associate professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School. A world-renowned expert in HIV/AIDS and stem cell biology, Dr. Kiessling has published more than 100 scientific papers and the first textbook on human embryonic stem cells. She has given more than 60 lectures to audiences around the world. Dr. Kiessling holds bachelor’s degrees in nursing and chemistry, a master’s degree in organic chemistry and a doctorate in biochemistry/biophysics from Oregon State University.

Alan S. Geismer, Esq. is chairman of the BRF Board of Trustees, and senior partner with the Boston law firm Sugarman, Rogers, Barshak and Cohen. A graduate of Harvard College (magna cum laude) and Harvard Law School, Geismer serves several organizations including: fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers; president of Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts of Massachusetts; trustee of Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra of Boston, World Music; and past president of Jewish Family & Children’s Services.

Robert W. Anderson is a founding board member. Mr. Anderson resides in Kirkland, WA, and holds a degree in business administration. He is the owner and CEO of Anderson Chamberlin, Inc., an “in house” supplier to Costco. He has been active in fundraising for a number of public charities including Children’s Hospital and the King County United Way. Mr. Anderson is on leave of absence from the board since 2007.

Jose Cibelli, DVM PhD is professor of animal biotechnology at Michigan State University and heads the cellular reprogramming laboratory in the departments of animal science and physiology. Dr. Cibelli is a pioneer in cloning with transgenic somatic cells for the production of embryonic stem cells, and served as vice president of research for Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) in Worcester, MA. He earned a doctor of veterinary medicine from the University of La Plata in his native Argentina, and a doctorate in reproductive physiology from the University of Massachusetts.

Lawrence R. Jones resides in Rancho Mirage, CA. Mr. Jones holds degrees in recreation and marketing and specializes in marketing research activities and special government programs. He is the founder and CEO of Jones Marketing Services. Mr. Jones has been active in fundraising for a number of public charities, including the William O. Douglas Outdoor Classroom, the Los Angeles Philharmonic and AIDS Research. Mr. Jones is with Hyperseal, Inc.

Robert L. Kaufmann, MD resides in Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. Kaufmann is a reproductive endocrinologist practicing infertility treatment. An expert in assisted reproduction, he has years of experience helping couples achieve pregnancy. He has initiated and directed donor egg programs for infertility treatment as well as hormonal stimulation of women undergoing their own infertility treatments. He belongs to several professional societies including the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Dr. Kaufmann served on the Ethics Advisory Board for Advanced Cell Technology and was instrumental in developing the guidelines for recruiting egg donors for stem cell research, as reported in Burrill Stem Cell Report – October 2007 (pdf)

Sean J. Kealy, JD resides in Hanson, Massachusetts. Mr. Kealy is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania, Fels Institute of Government and Temple University School of Law. He was Assistant Attorney General in the Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General for three years, taught Criminal Justice at Massachusetts Bay Commnity College and Suffolk University for seven years, and Counsel, Joint Committees on Revenue and Criminal Justice, Massachusetts General Court for the past eleven years. Mr. Kealy is currently Clinical Associate Professor of Law, Boston University School of Law, teaching legislation.

John D. Lee resides in Carlisle, MA where he is active in community affairs. He holds a master’s in extension education from University of Vermont and has served on or directed a number of small boards and committees relating to agriculture and education. Currently he operates and directs farming and educational programs at Allandale Farm, Boston’s last working farm. Allandale Farms

Alan Mayer resides in Newton, MA, and his architectural firm is in Brookline, MA. Mr. Mayer holds degrees from Yeshiva University in New York City and Washington University School of Architecture. Mr. Mayer worked as architect/project manager for the Boston architectural firm of Elkus-Manfredi before becoming principal of his own firm, Alan J. Mayer – Architect. Mr. Mayer has designed and directed the construction of several large projects, including downtown Disney in Anaheim, CA and various skyscrapers in Boston. Mr. Mayer supports fundraising activities for many AIDS-related groups.

Susan L Moss, JD, PhD is a founding board member residing in Madison, Wisconsin. Dr. Moss holds degrees from Lewis and Clark College, American University School of Law and the University of Wisconsin School of Education. Dr. Moss is an expert in equity and diversity in schools and the workplace. She is recently retired from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Moss has also served on the Ethics Advisory Board for Advanced Cell Technology, and was instrumental in establishing guidelines for egg donors for stem cell research, as reported in, Burrill Stem Cell Report – October 2007 (pdf)

Anil Purohit, PhD is a founding board member residing in Wilmington, MA. Dr. Purohit holds degrees from Northeastern University and Medical University of Ohio at Toledo. Dr. Purohit is a former director of U.S. operations for the Francois-Xavier Bagnaud Foundation, which sponsors orphanages for children who are victims of the AIDS epidemic, and is currently with the University of Washington AIDS programs in India. Dr. Purohit has several years experience fundraising and directing the humanitarian efforts of public charities.

Leonard Simpson, MD is a founding board member who is now retired from the board. Dr. Simpson resides in San Francisco, CA. Dr. Simpson is a retired orthopedic surgeon who was interviewed by Stephen Smith for his documentary on the Foundation’s SPAR program.

Margaret Wray, RN resides in Augusta, Georgia. Mrs. Wray holds a degree in nursing from the University of Virginia School of Nursing. Mrs. Wray is active in many local and national organizations, including spinal cord injury and Parkinson’s Disease.