1. Each and every human egg collected for stem cell research will be handled with respect for its uniqueness and for the effort involved on the part of the donor in contributing her eggs for research.
  2. Under no circumstances will eggs be exposed to sperm.
  3. Each egg will be cataloged and accounted for at every step of the procedures. Two members of the research team will sign each notation.
  4. Eggs will be cultured, manipulated and studied in secure laboratory surroundings. Security measures should include:
    1. Locked laboratories
    2. Locked incubators
    3. Security surveillance systems as necessary to ensure tampering is not possible during the course of the experiments
  5. Once activated, eggs will not be held in culture for longer than 14 days as intact entities.
  6. Activated eggs will be allowed to cleave and develop solely in vitro.
  7. The end-point outcome of each egg will be documented and signed by two members of the research team.
  8. At the conclusion of each experiment, the investigators will provide the Foundation with a brief statement guaranteeing these guidelines were followed throughout the course of the experiment.

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