94% goes directly to research94% of your donation goes directly to research.

The Bedford Research Foundation has lower operating costs than many teaching and medical institutions. For this reason, more research results from each donation received.

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The Foundation is a not for profit, 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible.

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Bedford Has a Track Record of Translating Basic Research to Patient Care

In 1996, the Bedford Research Foundation was formed in response to a need for specialized tests and services that were not available anywhere in the world. Through a process of careful and targeted strategy, the tests were developed, evaluated, manufactured and made readily available to the public. Today, we still provide these specialized tests and the fees from those tests help cover our overhead, allowing 94% of each donation to go directly to research.

Planning Ahead

Our team does research in a GLP laboratory, because of this, our work can be more easily brought through the FDA approval process to move the research from “bench to bedside.”

In our new facility in Bedford, MA, we are gearing up to fully equip the laboratory with an FDA-approved module. This will greatly speed the ability to get cutting edge research into patient’s hands.

How much does $1 of research cost the taxpayer?

Private funding of biomedical research directly funds more research than federal funding. Additionally, it provides a tax advantage to the donor. Per estimates of the US OMB:

Source of one dollar Cost to Taxpayer
Federal – $1.00
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
State – $1.00
Grants and Programs
Private Donation – $1.00
*Depending on income tax bracket.

This tax exempt status permits taxpayers the right to directly support research for public health and education.

BRF is the new type of socially relevant, entrepreneurial model that can change the way medicine is done. Exactly as fifty years ago the Salk Institute in San Diego, CA, used non-federal resources to develop the polio vaccine.

BRF is an independent, non-federally funded, non-profit research institution. It has lower operating costs than large teaching and medical institutions and for this reason more of each donation goes directly to research. “Philanthropy Is Key To Rapid Life Science Innovation” The Journal of Bio Law and Business (pdf)

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Donations can be mailed to:

P.O. Box 1028
Bedford, MA 01730

For questions or more information, please contact Ryan: ryan@bedfordresearch.org | (617) 281-7902.

Optional: If you have special instructions for your donation – you can download our donation form to enclose with your check. Otherwise we will credit the donation to the name on the check.