Unique Events

The Foundation hosts two semi-annual events, The Activated Egg Symposium and The Spinal Cord Workshop. Both events provide corporate sponsorship opportunities at a variety of levels. And both events attract some of the world’s leading researchers, including such keynote speakers as: Nobel Laureate, Mario Capecchi, Janet Rossant, Ian Wilmut, Alan Trounson, Anne McLaren, and George Daley, among others.

Both meetings are heavily weighted toward basic science. We purposefully keep the in-person attendance capped at 100 because the meeting is designed to create connections between the scientists and foster collaborations (although the online attendees have no cap). It’s because of this unique environment that we’re able to attract such distinguished guests year after year.

Website, Newsletter & Our New Facility

The Foundation also offers sponsorship opportunities on this website, our annual printed newsletter and with named plaques in our beautiful new facility in Bedford, MA. Please contact Ryan for more information – ryan@bedfordresearch.org or call: (617) 281-7902.