Egg Donors respond to a newspaper ad:

“Research team seeks women aged 21 to 34 with at least one child to donate eggs for stem cell research. Compensation for time, travel and child care. Call 617-623-5670 or write Bedford Research Foundation, PO Box 1028, Bedford, MA 01730”

Altogether, it takes approximately two to three months to complete the intake process, Steps 1 to 6. The process, the science and the risks are discussed thoroughly during the first orientation appointment. Steps 7 through 12 require a two to three week stay in the Boston area.

The steps:

  1. First orientation appointment, 2 hours
  2. MMPI written exam, 2 hours
    SCL 90, meeting with counselor, 3 hours
  3. Blood testing, 0.5 hours
  4. Physical exam,1.5 hours
  5. Meet with study monitor, 2 hours
  6. Medication instruction, 1 hour
  7. Baseline bloods, 0.5 hours
  8. Blood tests x 5 to 6, 0.5 hours
  9. Ultrasound exams, x 2 to 3, 1.5 hours each
  10. Egg collection, 4 hours; recovery at home, 12 hours
  11. Follow-up and SCl-90, meet with counselor, 2 hours
  12. Follow-up gyn exam, 1.5 hours

Total participation time, approximately 38 to 40 hours, not including travel to each location and child care expenses.


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