2023 Activated Egg Symposium Talks are Live

​On October 27th, Bedford Research held the Activated Egg Symposium in Downtown Boston. This year’s topic was “Human Egg Activation: The Influence of Sperm” with Keynotes: David Keefe, MD, NYU, speaking on “Retrotransposition and early embryo development,” and Oliver Rando, PhD, UMass, speaking on “Epigenetic contributions of sperm to early development in mammals.”

Dr. Rando is an internationally recognized pioneer in the epigenetic influence of sperm on egg fertilization and resulting offspring development in murine models. And Dr. Keefe is an internationally recognized clinician scientist whose early work focused on the role of telomeres in mammalian gametes and has more recently been involved in studies of parthenogenesis and retroelement expression.

The day was a fantastic event bringing together investigators from academia, industry and infertility clinics. All of the talks are now posted live on the Symposium Website (link below)

Watch Past Talks

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