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Hanson hosts COVID tent event

Selectmen approved a proposal for a one-day SARS2-coronavirus testing event on Friday, May 22 at the former Maquan School. She said BRF has been doing that type of test for HIV, and other illnesses, so it was an easy transition… Read more. Read the full article, “Hanson hosts COVID tent event”, by Tracy F. Seelye,…

Masks Are Not A Substitute For SARS-CoV-2 Testing

It’s important to keep in mind that no “randomized, controlled trials,” the type Dr. Tony Fauci frequently espouses, have demonstrated that wearing fabric face masks inhibits transmission of respiratory viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the causative agent of COVID19. The basic problem is that viruses are the “infectious agents” that pass through filters that block bacteria. Wide-spread community testing is the only answer to stopping the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and re-opening schools and Bedford’s recreation areas. It’s time to stop hiding from the virus, and take advantage of the robust testing capacity now available in Massachusetts.

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Expanding Coronavirus Testing to the Public

It’s been about two weeks since our director, Dr. Ann Kiessling, ran a SARS2 (Coronavirus) test on her daughter, Wilma, that came back positive. Thankfully, Wilma had few symptoms, and Wilma’s husband and toddler continue to test negative. Dr. Kiessling ran this test because Wilma, a worker at a Massachusetts state hospital, was unable to…

On-Demand Testing Needed

Letter to the Editor from Dr. Ann A Kiessling: Wilma is a social worker on a medical ward at a state hospital. The patient she helped on Thursday developed fever and sore throat on Friday and was tested for COVID19 “sometime over the week-end.” Wilma was notified of the patient’s positive COVID19 test result on…

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COVID-19 Testing Now at BRF

Lack of testing still remains a key issue in the battle to contain COVID-19. The Bedford Research Foundation is proud to announce that we’ve expanded our non-profit laboratory services to offer fast and accurate COVID-19 testing in Massachusetts. BRF laboratory technicians are now working long, rotating shifts to test hundreds of samples each week and…

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Each of these talks was filmed live at our recent Activated Egg Symposium. Egg and stem cell researchers from around the world gathered to discuss the role of circadian rhythms in early human development and stem cell differentiation during this unique, one-day workshop. Gene Editing Human Embryos: Who Should Decide? Dinner Speaker: Arthur Applbaum, PhD…

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