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BRF Research News

Our goal for 2017 was to improve the efficiency of a new technology, “gene editing” by CRISPR, that can precisely edit genes in eggs activated to become stem cells. BRF scientists accomplished this goal in a mouse model by developing new methods that improve the efficiency of CRISPR gene editing in mouse eggs from 10%…

Naturally Occurring Gene Edits

No two individuals have exactly the same gene sequences because multiple sequences code for the same amino acid. This is the basis for DNA tests to prove paternity or predict ancestry. Most of the gene variations do not change the proteins they code for, but some do, such as genes for eye and hair color and height.

What is Gene-Editing?

Is gene editing human embryos a positive scientific breakthrough for human health, or misuse of a powerful research tool? Over the next six months, we will outline the basic biology behind gene editing, followed by a description of the process in general and in human embryos, specifically.

In Memoriam of Dr Paul Winig

Dr. Paul Winig, a long time collaborator and benefactor of The Foundation passed away on September 9th, 2018. Dr. Winig was a key collaborator and founder of the Foundation’s SPAR program (originally the Assisted Reproduction Foundation), as well as a participant in the Stem Cell Research programs that have been performed since the early 2000s…

Job Opening: Scientific Director

The Bedford Research Foundation is seeking a scientific director to lead its program to derive parthenogenetic stem cells from unfertilized human eggs.  Experience with human eggs and stem cell derivation is required.  Proven success in obtaining grant funding and a strong publication record are also required. Learn More

Volunteer of the Year

We are very grateful for the help from our Volunteer of the Year, Deborah Weidman. A Bedford High School student, she has been instrumental to our circadian rhythms in stem cells research this year. She is planning to use her experience with BRF in her career in biomedical engineering. Thank you Deborah!

Prostate Disease Research Update

Patient recruitment into the prostate cancer screening project is ongoing, and Bedford Research Scientists have developed methods for including specimens submitted to the laboratory for other types of testing.  The goal of the project is to develop semen screening tests that improve diagnosis and staging of prostate cancer as well as reflect overall male health….

On twenty years of progress: Letter from our director

With the help of generous philanthropists and medical collaborators, Dr. Ann Kiessling founded the Bedford Research Foundation in 1996 to address a research need that could not be federally funded — how to help men infected by HIV through tainted blood transfusions have children without infecting their wives and babies. The first “Special Program for…