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Connecticut Legislature committed 100 million dollars to embryonic stem cell research

Connecticut History was made in Connecticut this week. Nearly three dozen stem cell scientists were awarded public funds to conduct embryonic stem cell research. This puts Connecticut in a leadership position in stem cell research in the U.S. In 2005, Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell and the Connecticut Legislature committed 100 million dollars to embryonic stem…

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New Battle Lines Are Drawn Over Egg Donation

Los Angeles Times – By Lee Romney, Times Staff Writer SAN FRANCISCO — Should a woman be allowed to sell her eggs? The question had never triggered much debate in the private world of fertility medicine, where Ivy League women can earn tens of thousands of dollars per “donation.” But it seems everything about stem…

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City seeks to lure stem cell labs

Somerville Journal – By David L. Harris/ Journal Staff With the encouragement of a little-known stem cell research lab, Somerville’s going all-out in its bid to attract more cutting edge biotech companies. “The mayor said, ’What, you’re kidding?” said Ann A. Kiessling, the director of Davis Square-based Bedford Stem Cell Research Foundation, when she recently…

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Donor Payments and Stem Cell Research

From WBUR Morning Edition “Egg Donor”, by Allan Coukell – Jan 31, 2006 Boston – January 31, 2006 – When the recent scandal over fraudulent stem cell research in South Korean unfolded, the first allegation was that women had been illegally coerced and had been paid for donating their eggs to research. The South Korean…

Ethics, Eggs and Embryos

Newsweek, By Claudia Kalb Kim Barnett would do anything to help her dad. Already, she’s changed careers. That move came after Barnett noticed her father, who has Parkinson’s, drooling on an airplane in 2001. The disease had hijacked his instinct to swallow—and it devastated Barnett, who worried that outsiders would notice only the symptom, not…

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Dr. Kiessling Interviewed on NPR

WBUR Radio BOSTON (2005-03-31) In the debate on stem cell legislation, there’s been little discussion about the impact on the women who donate eggs for research. Some women’s health advocate argue that the safety of producing multiple eggs can’t be assured. But many doctors say women have much to gain on this new medical frontier.

The Stem Cell Research Discussion

The Exchange on New Hampshire Public Radio, Laura Knoy October 13, 2004: The science and politics of embryonic stem cell research. A complex, biological, ethical and medical issue has now become political. We’ll find out what’s being said. And, behind all the rhetoric, how much promise this research may – or may not – hold….