Human Embryonic Stem Cells Book

by Ann A. Kiessling, PhD, Scott. C. Anderson

Human Embryonic Stem Cells
An Introduction to the Science and Therapeutic Potential 

by Ann A. Kiessling, PhD, Scott. C. Anderson

Written by Dr. Ann Kiessling, founder of the Bedford esearch Foundation. Founded in 1996, BRF has been working on this critical research since 2001.

The first book to thoroughly document the current state of human embryonic stem cell research. Essential reading for anyone interested in the controversial science that could heal more than 60% of the American population.

• Provides an inside look from one of the primary researchers in stem-cell science (Kiessling), making this an authoritative text.• Never-before-seen pictures of human eggs.

• An easy-to-understand overview at the beginning of each chapter.

• Second half of each chapter delivers detailed molecular biology of human embryonic stem cells.

• Section on ethics brings more science to the debate, raising important questions for the reader.

• The text provides the results of the latest research with therapeutic embryonic stem cells, as well as a chapter on ethics that could be useful in a bioethics program.

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