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Bedford Research Foundation 2018 Newsletter

Read about all of the progress and the research that has occurred at the Foundation over the course of the past year, and a retrospective on the past 20! Dr. Kiessling outlines her vision for the upcoming year as well. Thank you for your support.

Fall 2014 Newsletter: Breakthroughs in Understanding Circadian Rhythms in Stem Cells

Bedford Research scientists are following up on their discovery that stem cells have a circadian rhythm that may need to be supported for optimum development in the laboratory. In the body, the daily pattern of light and dark controls many signals sent out by the brain, such as those that trigger changes in body temperature,…

2013 Newsletter: “Off-the-shelf” Engineered Stem Cells: Are They Therapeutically Valuable?

FROM THE DIRECTOR The astounding 2013 report by an Oregon research team of the successful creation of stem cells from a somatic cell nucleus transferred into an unfertilized human egg was met with surprising calm by the lay press and the bioethics community. This is in sharp contrast to the outcry a decade ago when…

2012 Newsletter: Four Years of the Spinal Cord Workshop

Since 2008, the Spinal Cord Workshop has brought together international leaders in surgery and basic science to debate and develop a list of the challenges to cures for spinal cord injury. The goal of the workshop is to develop a “white paper,” listing the obstacles. The workshop has brought to light such problems as how…

2011 Newsletter: Progress in Circadian Rhythms And Stem Cells

BRF scientists have derived two unique lines of stem cells that may lead to a breakthrough in the efficiency of stem cell derivation and expansion. BRF scientists are following up their discovery that the genes that regulate the rhythms of daily life, circadian rhythm genes, may play important roles in stem cell derivation and stability…

2010 Newsletter: The Testis: a source of stem cells for all men?

Could the newly discovered “testis stem cells” be as versatile as embryonic stem cells? Bedford is launching a major research initiative to find out. A major barrier to progress in stem cell therapies is that, similar to organ transplantation, the body rejects cells that are not a good match for the patient. Surprisingly, stem cells…

Overview Brochure

Bedford Research Foundation is rapidly advancing biomedical research. A Massachusetts public charity, it is setting the standard for ethical and scientific progress in human embryonic stem cell research.

BSCRF Newsletter Spring 2004

BRF scientists were successful in their first attempt to repeat the ground-breaking work of Dr. Hans Scholer, the Keynote Speaker at the BRF Activated Egg Symposium in Nov, 2003. He described the development of mouse eggs from stem cells in his University of Pennsylvania laboratory.