2007 Symposium

The Activated Egg 2007

The Sixth Annual Activated Egg Symposium was held on Friday, Nov. 9, 2007

2007 Activated Egg Symposium Speaker

The 2007 keynote speaker was Ian Wilmut, PhD (watch video), Professor of Reproductive Science at the University of Edinburgh

Professor Wilmut’s research achievements are many, but he is most widely known as the leader of the team that produced Dolly the sheep, the first clone of an adult animal.

He was recently awarded the prestigious 2005 Paul Ehrlich prize, Germany’s top medical research award. He now aims to bring skills in nuclear transfer to bear on new approaches towards human diseases such as diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases.

University of Edinburgh announces launch of new Centre for Regenerative Medicine

Activated Egg Symposium 2007

The Dinner Speaker was Robert Truog, MD, a member of the Foundation’s Ethical Advisory Committee and the Director of Clinical Ethics at Harvard Medical School, as well as, a Professor of Anesthesia, Pediatrics, and Medical Ethics at Harvard Medical School.

Other presenters for the November 9 Symposium included:

  • Jose B. Cibelli, DVM, Professor, Animal Biotechnology. Michigan State University, and a member of the Bedford Stem Cell Research Foundation’s Board of Directors with a talk titled: “Inter-Species Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer”;
  • Dieter Egli, PhD, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University, and recent HSCI Seed Grant recipient, with a talk titled: “Developmental reprogramming after chromosome transfer into mitotic mouse zygotes”;
  • Jeffrey Janus, PhD & Nikolai Turovets, PhD of International Stem Cell Corporation presented a talk titled: “Patient-Specific Stem Cell Lines Derived from Human Parthenogenetic Blastocysts”
  • Steven D. Sheridan, Ph.D., Principal Scientist / Manager, Stem Cells / Cell Biology, Applications and Technology Development, Millipore Corporation, BioSciences Division, with a talk titled: “Alternate Surfaces for Embryonic Stem Cell Expansion and Differentiation”(watch)
  • Steven L. Stice, Ph.D., GRA Eminent Scholar and Director of the Regenerative Bioscience Center, Edgar L. Rhodes Center for ADS, Univ. of Georgia with a talk titled: “Human ESC differentiation toward neural and vascular networks.”(watch)