2006 Symposium

The Activated Egg 2006

The Fifth Annual Activated Egg Symposium was held on Friday, Nov. 3, 2006. Thank you to all the attendees for making the 2006 symposium a fantastic success!

alan-trounsonThe 2006 Keynote Speaker: Alan Trounson, MSc, PhD

Dr. Trounson presented a talk entitled: “Pluripotent Stem Cells: the Future.” (view talk)

Dr. Alan Trounson is a world-renowned biologist working on ways to develop stem cell technology.

Professor Alan Trounson’s research during the late 1970s established IVF as a practical and repeatable method for the treatment of human infertility that was adopted worldwide. He has since initiated many new innovations in ART. Professor Trounson leads the Monash IVF Scientific team.

In Berlin in 2004, Professor Trounson was awarded the Bertarelli Foundation Award in Reproductive Health for his outstanding contribution to the field of assisted reproductive technologies.

Monash IVF Australia | Monash University

Dr. Trounson’s presentation was joined by:

Also joined us in 2006:

SEAN KEALY, Office of Senator Creem, State House
GAUTAM NAIK, Wall Street Journal, Health & Science Reporter
MARIA ORTIZ PEREZ, Somerville Office of Strategic Planning