2006 Program

9:00 AM Keynote: Alan Trounson, MSc, PhD
Monash IVF Australia | Monash University
“Pluripotent Stem Cells: the Future.” (View Talk)

10:00 AM Rafael Fissore, DVM, PhD
Mammalian fertilization: a tale of two molecules.

11:00 AM Pravin Goud, MD, PhD
Wayne State University
“Regulation of the ‘oocyte temporal window for optimal fertilization’: Role of nitric oxide and other free radicals”

4:10 PM Hans Keirstead, PhD
University of California at Irvine | CBS 60 Minutes
“Generation of high purity neuronal populations from human embryonic stem cells”

1:50 PM Erdogan Memili, DVM, PhD
Mississippi Sate University
Maternal to Embryonic Transition in Control of Development; Study of Mothers Messages in Bovine Model

3:30 PM Rosario Sanchez-Pernaute, MD, PhD
Harvard McLean Hospital | Harvard Stem Cell Institute Awards First Seed Grants
Parthenogenetic ES Cells Make Functional Dopamine Neurons

2:30 PM James Sherley, PhD
MIT | BioEd Online
“Aging Immortals: Non-randomly Co-segregated DNA Strands in Adult Stem Cells”

11:40 AM Xiangzhong Yang, PhD
University of Connecticut | Nature: Fully grown cells yield clones | Scientific American: Cell Differentiation No Barrier to Cloning | BBC News: Cloning without stem cells works
Are Adult Stem Cells Necessary for Animal Cloning?