2005 Program

8:50 AM Welcome

9:00 AM Dr. Anne McLaren, University of Cambridge, London, England

“Human Eggs: Why Do We Need Them? How Can We Get Them?” (In Memoriam )

10:00 AM Dr. David Battaglia

Oregon Health & Sciences University, Portland, OR

“Egg Sugar and Ice: Recipe for Fertility Preservation”

10:50 PM Coffee Break

11:05 AM Dr. Tom Ducibella

Professor of Cell Biology, Tufts University School of Medicine

“Are All Mechanisms of Egg Activation Created Equal?”

11:55 AM Senator Cynthia Creem

“Stem Cell Research in The Commonwealth”

12:15 PM Lunch

1:45 PM Dr. Stephen Sullivan

Laboratory of Kevin Eggan, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University

“Derivation of Disease Specific Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines”

2:35 PM Dr. Zhongde Wang

“Hematech Corporation “Sequential Gene Targeting in Cattle”

3:25 PM Coffee Break

3:40 PM Dr. Chi-Wei

“Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Model for Cell Fate in the Early Embryo”

4:30 PM Dr. Carol Brenner

“Dopamine Neurons from Cyno-1 Primate Cells”

5:20 PM Conclusions & Cocktails

6:00 PM Dinner

Dinner Speaker: Dr. Daniel Wikler

Professor of Ethics at Harvard School of Public Health

“Stem Cell Research and the Political Philosophy of Moral Disagreement”