2002 Symposium

The Activated Egg 2002

The First Annual Activated Egg Symposium

In 2002, the Foundation launched a new symposium series: The Activated Egg. Researchers studying eggs for reproduction, stem cell derivation, or animal cloning presented an overview of their research for the past ten years and their plans for the next ten years. Investigators from academia, private industry and infertility clinics attended.

The keynote address was delivered by Professor Rudolph Jaenisch, the Whitehead Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Dinner Talk was delivered by Dr. Jim Robl, formerly Professor of Animal Science, University of Massachusetts and now a Principal Investigator for Hematech.

Thank you to all the speakers and attendies for making the first Symposium a fantastic success. We would also like to thank the 2002 Symposium sponsors: Sumner T. McKnight Foundation, GTC Biotherapeutics, Olympus, and Hematech.

Activated Egg SymposiumActivated Egg Symposium