COVID-19 Emergency Testing Program

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The Bedford Research Foundation has expanded its regular non-profit laboratory services to offer fast and highly-accurate COVID-19 testing to hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices in Massachusetts. Please see our March 30 press release with Rep Ken Gordon.

Our hope is to reduce the wait time for results to ease the burden on clinicians treating the disease.  BRF laboratory technicians are now working in round-the-clock shifts to ensure that results from testing are available within 24 hours of the sample arriving at the lab. See the daily testing numbers.

BRF’s Unique Test

Our test platform is one developed decades ago for HIV testing, and has a major advantage in the transport system, that also allows specimens to be safely shipped to the lab. Specimens for testing SARS2 (COVID-19) are generally obtained with either a deep nasal swab, or a deep throat swab, and placed into a tube with a fluid for transport to the testing laboratory. The fluid is culture medium designed to keep the virus — or any virus, such as flu — alive because older testing platforms detected live virus by infecting cells. The fluid in the Bedford Research transport tubes is guanidium-based and thus inactivates the virus on contact, and stabilizes the viral genes for easier detection. Bedford Research laboratory personnel are not exposed to infectious SARS2 specimens, only inactivated specimens.

Community Testing

If you are looking to sign up for a community testing in the town of Bedford at the First Parish church, please follow this link for information:

If you are looking to sign up for community testing in the town of Hanson, MA at the school, please follow this link for information:

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Your support is urgently needed. We are receiving partial-funding from the state to cover the basic costs of the test, but this does not cover of all of our expenses or the investment needed to shift our operations during the pandemic. Your donation is tax-deductible in accordance to state and federal laws.

To learn more about how to get tested, please call or visit your doctors office or local hospital. For more information about our testing program, please email

Thank you for your support. It is our privilege to help during this crisis.