COVID-19 Testing Program

The Bedford Research Foundation has expanded its regular non-profit laboratory services to offer fast and highly accurate COVID-19 testing to individuals, hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices in Massachusetts. Our hope is to reduce the wait time for results to ease the burden on clinicians treating the disease.

How It Works

BRF’s Unique Test platform is one first developed decades ago for HIV testing and has a major advantage in the transport system, which also allows specimens to be safely shipped to the lab. Testing swab specimens are placed into a tube with a guanidium-based culture medium for transport to the testing laboratory, which inactivates the virus on contact and stabilizes the viral genes for easier detection. Bedford Research laboratory personnel are not exposed to infectious SARS2 specimens, only inactivated specimens.

Testing is performed with strict adherence to CDC social distancing guidelines. Results will be sent to you in a HIPAA compliant manner, by email or postal mail, per your preference!

For more information about our testing program, please email