Testis Stem Cell Project Update

Thanks to private donations, BSCRF scientists have launched the testis stem cell project.

Phase 1 is the isolation of a new line of testis stem cells from the Per2Luc mouse to study the role of circadian genes in testis stem cells. Phase 2 is to improve the efficiency of deriving testis stem cells from cryopreserved (frozen to stay alive) Per2Luc testis tissues. Phases 1 and 2 are underway.

Phase 3, starting in early 2012, will be to collaborate with Dr. Martin Dym, Georgetown University, in deriving human testis stem cells from cryopreserved biopsies archived in his laboratory. We will compare the efficiency of testis stem cell derivation using our newly developed circadian culture conditions with the efficiency previously reported by Dr. Dym.

Phase 4 will derive patient-specific stem cells from the male volunteers for our study

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