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Testis Stem Cell Project Update

Thanks to private donations, BSCRF scientists have launched the testis stem cell project. Phase 1 is the isolation of a new line of testis stem cells from the Per2Luc mouse to study the role of circadian genes in testis stem cells. Phase 2 is to improve the efficiency of deriving testis stem cells from cryopreserved (frozen to stay alive)…

Patient-Specific, Pluripotent Stem Cells – Testis is a New Source

Improving treatments for damaged organs and tissues is the promise of human pluripotent stem cells. The power of pluripotent stem cells to alleviate damage to organs, a form of regenerative medicine, has been amply demonstrated in many animal and laboratory model systems. In some studies, the pluripotent stem cells need to differentiate into the type of cell needed for normal function prior to transplantation, whereas in other studies, the presence of the transplanted stem cells themselves appears to alleviate damage and help restore organ function.