Egg Donors respond to a newspaper ad:

“Research team seeks women aged 21 to 34 with at least one child to donate eggs for stem cell research. Compensation for time, travel and child care. Call 617-623-5670 or write Bedford Research Foundation, PO Box 1028, Bedford, MA 01730”

Altogether, it takes approximately two to three months to complete the intake process, Steps 1 to 6. The process, the science and the risks are discussed thoroughly during the first orientation appointment. Steps 7 through 12 require a two to three week stay in the Boston area.

The steps:

  1. First orientation appointment, 2 hours
  2. MMPI written exam, 2 hours
    SCL 90, meeting with counselor, 3 hours
  3. Blood testing, 0.5 hours
  4. Physical exam,1.5 hours
  5. Meet with study monitor, 2 hours
  6. Medication instruction, 1 hour
  7. Baseline bloods, 0.5 hours
  8. Blood tests x 5 to 6, 0.5 hours
  9. Ultrasound exams, x 2 to 3, 1.5 hours each
  10. Egg collection, 4 hours; recovery at home, 12 hours
  11. Follow-up and SCl-90, meet with counselor, 2 hours
  12. Follow-up gyn exam, 1.5 hours

Total participation time, approximately 38 to 40 hours, not including travel to each location and child care expenses.


  • Brandi Selby June 8, 2015   Reply →

    Is it possible to donate if you don’t live in MA but rather in CA?

    • admin June 8, 2015  

      Hi, Thank you for your interest! When our egg donor program is active, it is possible to make arrangements to donate from any state. However, the program is not currently active and we are not seeking donors. If you would like to be on our list for updates, you can subscribe here.

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