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GEM: Gamete-Embryo Medium
GEM is formulated to support optimal fetal development of embryos conceived in vitro.

GEM is quality controlled by mouse IVF.

GEM is formulated to support
sperm-fertilizing ability.

GEM is protein-free
tissue culture medium
  The brilliant solution for
the most important moments in life

The composition of GEM is based on the results of experiments designed to determine the most supportive in vitro conditions for assisted reproduction and embryo manipulation.

References: Loutradis, Biol of Repro, 1987, 37:322; Han, Fertil and Steril, 1988, 50:159; Fissore, Biol of Repro, 1989, 41:835; Mehta, Biol of Repro, 1990; 43:600; Mehta, Fertil and Steril, 1993, 60:1088.

tissue culture medium
Mouse Blastocysts in GEM

GEM is available in 30 ml and 60 ml bottles. It is prepared, filter sterilized, bottled and individually wrapped in a sterile environment.

  • GEM is manufactured in small lots to insure the highest product quality and stability.
  • GEM is not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for use in humans.
  • Discounts available for standing orders.
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