Dads Against Diabetes TV Telethon 2005

Dads Against Diabetes T.V. Telethon 2005 Dads Against Diabetes is in the planning stage the first annual “telethon” for Children with Type I Juvenile Diabetes to be held in Houston, Texas, exclusively for Stem Cell Research. We are planning to bring together local T.V. hosts, top entertainers, corporate sponsors and volunteers to make this a successful event. Researchers will be filmed discussing the latest information on their research. We plan to do the event in 2005. We need to raise approximately $2.5mm for recruitment of researchers. We will be mailing the telethon information and our “Tips and Tops Program” to our database of adults and children with Type I juvenile diabetes, asking them to keep sending in their “Tips and Tops” to Houston on a monthly basis for recycling that we turn into cash. We also plan on filming children with Type I juvenile diabetics pouring their Tips and Tops into large barrels during the telethon for recycling. Individual and corporate will be solicited. We would like to know if any might be interested in somehow helping with the telethon?

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