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What We Do:

BSCRF is a biomedical institute conducting stem cell and related research for diseases presently considered incurable. It does this four ways:

Carried out in the US and through collaborations in Europe. Includes:


photoTwo educational conferences each year:

  • Activated Egg Symposium: 1st Friday each November since 2002, a day for research information sharing on eggs for reproduction, stem cell derivation and therapies.
  • Spinal Cord Workshop: researchers and clinicians share information on specific barriers to a cure for spinal cord injury.
    gem culture medium mouse embryo
  1. SPAR (Special Program of Assisted Reproduction) a unique, award winning program combining HIV Semen Testing and Sperm Washing for safe procreation.
  2. Mail-in test kits for: infertility, post-vasectomy-check, and prostatitis-check.
  3. Anonymous HIV testing in Davis Square, Boston.
  4. Culture medium for embryo development: GEM (Gamete-Embryo Medium).

These products and services have been developed during the course of our research and help to cover the administrative costs of the laboratory. This allows research activities to proceed with minimal overhead (about 6%).


Based on our research and events we produce:

  • Newsletters (email and snail mail): Our newsletters cover break-throughs in research, as well as easy tutorials on the basics, and updates on Foundation news. Sign-up on our homepage, or email us your snail-mail address:
  • Videos of Groundbreaking Talks: free on the event sites and through iTunes Podcasts.
  • Educational Videos About Stem Cells and Stem Cell Research: available on our popular FAQs page.
Most Foundation research cannot be federally funded because of the U.S. moratorium on research funding for activated human eggs (either artificially or by sperm). (

BSCRF is a Tax-Exempt Public Charity 501(c)3

How much does $1 of research cost the taxpayer?

Private funding of biomedical research directly funds more research than federal funding. Additionally, it provides a tax advantage to the donor.

Per estimates of the US OMB:

Source of
one dollar

Cost to Taxpayer

Federal - $1.00
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
State - $1.00
Grants and Programs
Private Donation - $1.00
*Depending on income tax bracket.

This tax exempt status permits taxpayers the right to directly support research for public health and education.

BSCRF is the new type of socially relevant, entrepreneurial model that can change the way medicine is done. Exactly as fifty years ago the Salk Institute, San Diego, CA, used non-federal resources to develop the polio vaccine.

BSCRF is Massachusetts' only independent, non-federally funded, non-profit research institution. It has lower operating costs than large teaching and medical institutions and for this reason more of each donation goes directly to research. "Philanthropy Is Key To Rapid Life Science Innovation" The Journal of Bio Law and Business (pdf)


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